Sunday, July 27, 2008

High School Reunion Part 2

We went to the second part of my reunion last night and the a/c wasn't working at that location either. Next time I plan to be on the committee who chooses where to have the events. I mean when two different places have no a/c there has got to be something wrong with the planning. Also, they were both places that I would never have thought to have an event. The Friday night event was at local restaurant that doesn't have enough parking or a big enough room for the number of people we had, and Saturday night was held at the zoo. What ever happened to using the school itself or a hotel? For that matter it could have been held at a great number of locations that are more accustomed to having events. In both places the food was OK, but not great. I happen to know a chef in the area that we can use next time. Next time I hope that we can schedule much better locations and better food.

We ended up leaving last night before the awards that we weren't going to win anyway. We didn't travel the farthest; we don't have any, much less the most, kids; no body art; etc. The whole event was less than desirable.

On the plus side, I did get to see a few people that I actually liked. And, one of the women is interested in talking to me later about some business related things, so I may even come out ahead financially from this weekend, which was way over priced for what was given.

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