Friday, August 27, 2010

"Smart" Car?

I have been seeing a lot of hype about so-called Smart Cars. I look at the thing and think that if a mid level wind came along it would go flying off the road and if it was hit by something as harmful as a flying leaf it may not hold up. So, I did a little research.

It turns out that it apparently has a very good safety rating so that deals with that part of the issue. But, I still question if it's a smart decision. I used to sell Toyota's so I will go with them as a comparison. Let's look at the Toyota Corolla. They get about the same MPG. The both have excellent safety. That's about where the similarities end. The Corolla is thousands less to buy and seats 4 comfortably. Also, the fact that it has a back seat is important for anyone with kids as many states require them to be in the back seat of a car. Even when it isn't required, it's still safer.

If you don't like the Corolla because you think it's too big, then you can get the Yaris instead. It's basically the same as the Corolla, but has a smaller frame. Actually, it is the same frame as the older Corollas. It was made to address those who wanted a smaller economy car when the Corolla started to get much bigger, but they get about the same MPG.

Feel free to buy a Smart Car if you want to stand out or just think it's the coolest thing ever. But, other than that, go with something else that actually has some space in it and costs a lot less.

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