Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I just thought I should post again since it's been a while. We have everything ready for our trip to M.A.'s dad's house for Thanksgiving. Well, with the exception of the laptops of course. I am happy to see her dad and step mom, but I will miss being able to just relax at home and play online. I will probably get a bit of reading done though so it's not all bad. I'm also hoping to clear off enough files from my computer to put on the 1st expansion to World of Warcraft so that I can do more with the game. I am also looking forward to getting a new laptop in the next few months hopefully so that I can load both expansions of the game.

Speaking of WoW, one of my co-workers is now playing on the same server as I am and we have been working together quite a bit. It has been a lot of fun. He's one of the few people I work with who I actually like to hang out with. He's also an interesting person in that he comes from another country, but he mostly grew up in the U.S. so he seems just like anyone else I know other than he thinks like a European. That works since I think that way a lot myself.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed so that I'll be awake tomorrow for the trip out of town.

Good Night all

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